Thursday, February 14, 2013

Immigration Reform

When everyone thinks of immigration, they think of crossing the border or illegal aliens. People also think of immigration and have different opinions on the subject. This blog will help inform you of the political uprising that are occurring because of this issue and also view both sides of the different arguments, pros and cons of the immigration reform.


If this reform was to pass, as it is being fought for by President Obama, one of the regulations that must follow it are the enforcement on the borders, this way those who are here now will be the only ones to benefit from this reform and we can begin to minimize the amount of illegal activities. 

A guest worker program will also be adopted, this program consists of giving working permissions to workers from outside of the United States to come and work, but must leave after a certain period of time. This way the labor is being done legally and can me monitored. 

The economical boost this reform can bring to our economy is beyond what anyone can imagine. If the immigrants who are applying for this reform, they will be charged for the forms sent in for evaluation. They will need to pay a fine for being in the country illegally, and will since they will be working legally, they will have to report taxes just as a regular citizen would. 

The amount of illegal labor that is going on right now is unimaginable, with this reform, they will be able to come out the shadows and work legally just as everyone else is doing. By lowering the amount of illegal labor, we are raising the amount of control we have over jobs and can monitor then more easily.


If amnesty is given to the immigrants who are here illegally now, this will raise the assumption that if more people cross over illegally, they will eventually receive this amnesty as well. This will eventually cause over population in the United States and cause illegal immigration to continue to rise. 

In the job industry, there is a struggle because of the high rate of unemployment. If this reform passes, the job competence will rise and so will the unemployment. 

One of the major rules in the passing of this reform is for the individual to have an understanding of the English language. But if they only have an understanding of the language, this means there is still some type of language barrier between the English language and the other languages spoken throughout the country.

With the passing of this reform, this will punish to some extent the ones who committed the crime of being in the country illegally. Yet, will also punish the ones who actually took the time and effort to make their way to the United States in a legal manner because it was almost in vane.